Coloured concrete offers an attractive alternative to plain grey and is becoming a popular option for concrete driveways, paths and outdoor entertaining areas.

Special mineral oxides are blended into regular concrete to create a wide range of colours from red/brown earth tones to striking blues and greens. These oxides are completely safe and don’t affect the structural strength of the concrete at all. Its possible to use coloured concrete in all types of areas- slabs, walls, stairs pretty much anything you can think of.


“Full depth” coloured concrete differs from decorative Spraycrete because the colour is mixed through the entire thickness of the concrete slab rather than applied to the surface. Although not quite as versatile as decorative resurfacing spraycrete in terms of special designs, it offers the advantage of not wearing out in high traffic areas or in the case of chipping, the damaged section wont be noticable.

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Most concrete companies offer a range of different colours to suit any design application. Coloured concrete can also be combined with other decorative affects to create a truly custom look that will be a feature in any setting. Combining paver borders with coloured concrete or different coloured sections and highlights within a driveway of outdoor entertaining area or maybe sections of exposed aggregate with highlights of colour. These are just some of the options. There are also a number of different finishes you can specify to alter the final texture and overall look of a concrete space.

With so many options to choose from its no wonder coloured concrete is becoming so popular. Check out the options and let us help you design a concrete masterpiece.