Concrete is a great product, not only for its ability to mold to any shape you need and provide a strong, durable and usable area. Concrete is now an integral part of home design because of the range of different looks it can provide.

There are so many ways concrete can be used to enhance the look of an area. With the latest products and methods there is an almost unlimited choice in concrete colours, patterns, textures and finishes. Not only do you get all the benefits of concretes strength but you can design and create something that looks great and adds value to your home.

Decorative concrete driveway

Concrete will often take up a large part of the outdoor area of your property. A concrete driveway, some walkways and paths, maybe a pool surround and patio.

Decorative concrete products provide you with the means to customize the look and feel of these areas however you wish. Maybe you would like a subtle look to blend with the surroundings or a bright contrasting feature piece that will draw the eye. Designing your concrete areas is like having the biggest blank canvas you will ever own. Decorative concrete products provide you with the artist palette and we can put it all together for you. We can integrate the concrete design with the existing landscape or design both landscape and concrete to create the perfect look for your property.

Let Brisbane Concrete help you create a concrete masterpiece.

Concrete re surface compass feature

The design options with concrete are amazing, there are so many variables you can change and combine to create whatever look you need. Here is a brief overview of the different elements available to you.

Exposed aggregate concrete-

Large exposed aggregate driveway


Light colour exposed aggregate


exposed aggregate concrete driveway


This option is one of the most popular because it looks great in any setting. This type of decorative concrete gives a heavily textured non slip finish and is available in a huge range of pebble and base concrete colours. The finish exposes the natural beauty of the stones within the concrete.
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Coloured concrete-


Coloured concrete driveway


Concrete coloured to “full depth”  using mineral oxides can be used to create almost any shade you can think of. Ranging from natural earth tones to bright contrasting blues and greens. Use your imagination to enhance the look of any space with coloured concrete.                                                                                                 

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Stamped and Stenciled-



This method is usually combined with colours, gives a textured surfaces that can resemble pavers, patterns and natural stone. An extra special look for special uses. 

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Decorative concrete resurfacing-

Spraycrete with compass feature


Custom pattern concrete
Custom pattern concrete


Coloured Custom resurfacing
Coloured Custom resurfacing


Concrete resurfacing or “Spraycrete” re-coats old and tired concrete with a brand new surface. A massive choice of colours and finishes to create feature areas and truly custom looks.

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Textures and Finishes-

swirl trowel finish

As well as colours and patterns our skilled tradesmen can provide a variety of finishes that will alter the look and feel of the concrete surface. These finishes can be used to enhance the other decorative effects.

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The most exiting thing about decorative concrete is that your not limited to using one method. You can combine different elements and effects to create one-off custom looks that are unique to your property. Maybe an exposed aggregate border surrounding coloured concrete or contrasting colours within the same driveway. Maybe incorporating pavers into the design is the look your after.

We have the design skill and experience to help you create a concrete masterpiece, something you can use everyday and enjoy for years to come.

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