Concrete resurfacing systems or Spraycrete as it is commonly called is a great way to bring new life to your existing concrete floors, or to change the look and feel of your concrete areas.

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Spraycrete is a concrete based product designed to be applied over existing flooring and act as a new surface. A special blend of cement, sand, coloured oxides and other materials are packaged in powdered form. When mixed with water and polymer it becomes like a concrete glue and is applied with a special air powered spray gun. Once applied it provides a 3-5mm layer of textured concrete surface that is strong and durable.

The most exiting thing about concrete resurfacing is the range of patterns and colours available. It is possible to completely transform an old area with a bright new look. There are also many designs of pre made stencil patterns that replicate paver, tile or natural stone finishes. Its also possible to design custom patterns with any variety of colours and shapes you like.

Using a special tape and clever masking Brisbane Concrete can create any kind of design you want. Maybe you would like a driveway in a dark solid colour with lighter highlights. No problem. Or maybe a bunch of contrasting colours in random geometric shapes, or oversize tile patterns or custom borders. We can do it all.

We can even create images or writing using concrete resurfacing Spraycrete products. If you want to write your name on your driveway or your business name in front of your premises, its possible with this product.

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All these benefits use your existing tired concrete and turn it to better than new at a great price. You will have an area that is usable, looks great, improves and adds value to your property.

Check out the colours and designs and let us help you create a concrete masterpiece.

For a price estimate check out the pricing info page and send us an email or give us a call.

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