Do you have some concrete that is looking old and dirty? Years of outdoor wear and tear can build up a layer of grime that will make your concrete look faded and old.

Often people will also fail to re-seal areas of coloured or exposed aggregate concrete. Once the sealer wears off after a few years of traffic, the elements will gradually damage the surface. This will not affect the strength of the concrete but will dull the appearance. Coloured and decorative resurfaced concrete is especially susceptible to this kind of damage.

The easiest way to ensure your decorative concrete areas maintain their great, like new look, is to wash them regularly and apply the appropriate sealer before the older layer wears out.

We can provide anything from a quick clean up to a full restoration.

The concrete is washed with special cleaning products and a pressure washer to remove the deepest ingrained grime and stains and bring the surface back to new condition. A new coat of sealer is then applied to protect the surface from further damage.

Concrete cleaning and re sealing is one of the easiest ways to enhance the street appeal of your property and add sale value as well as protecting the longevity of your home.

If the surface has worn or flaked off to much we can respray fresh colour products to match your existing patterns and designs or create something entirely different.

If you have a decorative or exposed aggregate concrete area that is getting worse for wear, give us a call, we can save it with a wash and reseal to bring it back to look as good as new.

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