Exposed aggregate is always a popular choice for concrete driveways, footpaths and walkways, patios and pool surrounds.

Exposed aggregate concrete can be used in all types of applications and has all of the strength and durability of normal concrete. The difference is, when the concrete mix is created, the manufacturer adds decorative pebbles and colour to the base concrete. The concrete is then placed in the regular way to your design specifications. When the concrete is nearly dry a special chemical is added to the surface which stops the very top layer from fully drying. Then once the base concrete is hard the surface layer of concrete is washed away to reveal the decorative pebbles. This surface is then sealed with UV resistant sealer to keep the surface looking great for years to come.


Placing the exposed aggregate concrete


Brooming in the chemical release agent


Washing off the top layer to expose the stone


Finished exposed aggregate concrete driveway


Its possible to change the types and colours of the pebbles that will be exposed as well as the colour of the base concrete. This provides you with plenty of options to get the look you want.


Exposed aggregate remains a popular choice because it suits so many applications. It matches well with both older and modern homes and the choice of pebble and colours can alter the look from subtle to striking. Exposed aggregate is also a textured finish so it provides grip and durability so it is a good choice for driveways and walkways.


Its also an option to create custom designs by mixing areas of exposed aggregate with other concrete products. For instance exposed aggregate borders with coloured center areas or exposed aggregate concrete with paver borders. The look is up to your imagination.

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