Stamped and stenciled concrete creates a heavily textured finish. These textures can be abstract or pre-made to resemble natural stone, pavers, tiles and other patterns.

Stencil pattern concrete

The method to create these special finishes involves applying a special stencil or stamp to the concrete surface when it is still workable. This “embeds” the pattern into the surface.

These stencil and stamped concrete techniques are used in conjunction with coloured oxides to create custom textued and toned finishes. A variety of different stencil and stamp patterns are available to choose from and create the look you want.

Pattern concrete resurfacing
Pattern concrete

This type of concrete finish is usually more expensive due to the amount of work involved in creating the look and the limited time frame in which to perform them. Also once a deep surface texture is created in the concrete it is harder to alter that look later if you choose to. Its important to make sure you are 100% sure that you want this type of look. Usually this limits the use of stamped and stenciled concrete to special areas that require maximum visual impact.

When used correctly these methods create a special look and feel to any area.